Romania’s Position On Syria Relates To Prudence: President

BUCHAREST, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) — Romania’s position on Syria relates to prudence, as long as the results of the UN investigation do not come out, President Traian Basescu said Tuesday.

Romania has its own analyses of the use of toxic gases in Syria but it will not take a stance before the UN experts do, the head of state told the Annual Meeting of Romania’s Diplomacy held in Bucharest.

“Our hope is that no chemical attack ordered by the Syrian Government has happened in Syria,” he said, stressing that “a negative result for the Syrian state in the report of UN experts will lead to a military intervention strong enough to oust the regime.”

“Romania will issue a statement, immediately after it has a position of the UN experts,” said Basescu, adding that until then, “consistency and prudence are of the essence.”

“Yet, prudence will not go as far as to not displaying solidarity with our allies if the Security Council, NATO or Western countries decide one way or another. We will display solidarity with our allies,” pointed out the president.

Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean told the same meeting that Romania is worried by the worsening developments in Syria, and it is important for the UN mission on site to be able to wrap up as soon as possible its investigation of alleged use of chemical weapons.

He underscored that Romania is sharing the message of the European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton about the need to support diplomatic demarches that will urgently put a halt to the crisis in Syria.

Corlatean added Romania is also worried about the developments in Syria because there are a significant number of Romanian nationals living there.(Xinhua)

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