Rare monkey-eating eagle chick hatched in Davao

DAVAO CITY, Philippines, December 13 — The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) announced the hatching of the 26th chick from its conservation breeding program, December 7, 2015 at 1:20 pm. Now at 2 days old, PEF Curator Anna Mae Sumaya believes “this chick will make it.”

The eaglet is the offspring of natural pair “Go Phoenix” (female) and “MVP Eagle” (male), which hatched after 56 days of incubation. “Assistance in hatching was done during the first few hours of the whole hatching process but the chick did it on its own when it hatched full-term,” Sumaya said. “At two days old, the baby eagle can already lift its head and get food from forceps. It’s also very active – very attentive and observant of its surroundings. The chick responds to some bird calls heard from the background sound.”

The chick is the first fertile egg and also the first offspring of the pair since they became partners in 2013. “This hatching is a big breakthrough for us and is the result of nearly five years of round robin pairing amongst our younger set of eagles at the center,” PEF Executive Director Dennis Salvador explained. “We are proud of our conservation breeding team for their perseverance at this very challenging task.”

The raptor, which is found only in the rapidly vanishing tropical rainforests of the Philippines, reaches a height of more than three feet when fully-grown and is one of the world’s largest eagles. The bird is famed for the distinctive shaggy crest formed by its elongated nape feathers.

The PEF believes that this success will rekindle hope for the species and usher a new generation of eagles to strengthen the captive gene pool and augment wild populations.

This is our gift to the Filipino people and the rest of the world this Christmas. (PEF)

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