Dooley visits Tacloban

Recently visiting the Leyte capital on his own accord, Azkals coach Thomas Dooley recounted his trip where he toured the city and shared his thoughts about what the people of Tacloban had undergone when typhoon Haiyan destroyed much of the city last November.

“I cannot imagine what people went through,” said Dooley. “Seven months later you could see that poor people how they have to live and working on a daily basis with those circumstances. It was so devastating to see the way it was.”

Dooley recalled the time the typhoon wreaked havoc across Tacloban, noting the destruction that it caused was something he has never imagined.

“I saw the pictures when I was in the US and I saw the floods and the people were being rescued by any means necessary,” said Dooley. “It an unusual typhoon and it was bad.”

Despite the situation in Tacloban, Dooley has admired how the people have always been positive despite of what has happened.

“I still see the positive side of it, the people are not complaining, I still see funny, happy faces even in the most difficult of areas,” said Dooley. “Overall when I see them, there is always hope that they can bounce back from this.

Dooley hopes that they can do something to help raise funds for the redevelopment of the city and it’s neighboring regions.

“It would be great for us to do something for them,” said Dooley. “Something that they can have a future with through football.”

The Azkals coach has already targeted to hold friendlies with various teams in the hope to raise funds for Tacloban.  Mindanao Post

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