By Manny Piñol Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, egged on by an enthusiastic crowd of sectoral and student leaders in Butuan City today to run for President, has declared he will leave his political destiny to God. “I am praying and meditating that God would enlighten me and guide me in a making a decision,” […]


Jess G. Dureza

By Jesus “Jess” Dureza INFLIGHT WIFI — Last Saturday night on my way home from Hongkong, I was worried while airborne at 38,000 feet on board PAL’s PR307 that I would miss my connecting flight from Manila to Davao to catch up with an event I did not want to miss. But PAL’s in-flight wifi […]


Jess G. Dureza

by Jess Dureza Last Friday was a reunion of sorts for me with former colleague in Malacanang GABBY CLAUDIO (who served both FVR and GMA) and Journalist JULIE YAP DAZA, the irrepressible columnist whose luscious book on real-life (but unidentified) MISTRESSES in Manila’s high-end social circle got many a tongue ( and crotch?) wagging. Adding […]

Plane Disaster and No. “7”

Jess G. Dureza

By Jess Dureza DAVAO — The other night, I stayed up almost until dawn monitoring the new tragic airline disaster in strife-torn Ukraine involving, yet again, another Malaysian Airlines aircraft that claimed innocent lives. I felt sad for the so-called “collateral damage” of war. The agony of relatives and loved ones cannot be fathomed by […]

On Apologies and Palace Resignations

Jess G. Dureza

Being ready to make apologies, admit mistakes or say “I’m sorry” are traits that show humility and good character. It also re-affirms human vulnerability and remorse. In some instances, it can be a badge of good faith. Or a false facade of uncontrite double speak. For instance, a priest in Cebu had to humbly apologize […]

Assault on Press Freedom

By Jess G. Dureza Here’s a planned assault on press freedom that the Philippine press must fight AGAINST to the end. Sen. Jinggoy Estrada filed Senate Bill No. 380 that would require journalists to pass professional exams before they are allowed or accredited to practice their profession like doctors, lawyers, engineers or other professionals. Those […]

Car Bombs Anyone?

Jess G. Dureza

By Jess G. Dureza I was on the phone with Col. Dickson Hermoso of the 6th Infantry Division stationed in Cotabato City right after the bomb went off.  He said he just passed the blast site when he heard a loud explosion. When he looked back, he saw a huge black smoke rising. What first […]

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