The case for including migration in the post-2015 agenda

BANGKOK — As the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire at the end of 2015, campaigners are calling for the inclusion of migrant worker protections in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), noting that migrants contribute billions to reducing poverty – often at great cost to their personal safety and well-being. The world’s estimated 232 million […]

Anti-Muslim violence escalates in Sri Lanka

By Amantha Perera COLOMBO/ALUTHGAMA – The signs had been clear for months; beneath the veneer of normalcy in Sri Lanka’s southwestern coastal town of Aluthgama, religious tensions were brewing, but no one was sure how or when they would erupt. A little over a month ago the cauldron simmered over when a mob attacked a […]

More illegal NSA spying activities leaked

BEIJING (Xinhua) — More illegal spying activities conducted by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) have been leaked to the world after former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden first blew the whistle in June. Newly-revealed victims include presidents of Mexico and Brazil, France’s Foreign Ministry and diplomats, as well as the UN headquarters in New York. […]

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